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ReSPITE®   Relaxation

(Relieve the Negative Symptoms of Stress)

An increasing number of documentaries are reporting that Corporate America is spending billions of dollars a year on stress related employee issues, centered mainly around chronic fatigue and severe headaches, brought on by sleep depravation/disorders.

This and other related reports indicate that stress, in general, can be good, but turns against us when it is uninterrupted. The frantic pace of modern society is leaving more Americans awake when they shouldn't be. Stressed out people make more mistakes, and are less effective than happy people. Fatigue reduces the efficiency of the workers, as well as their judgment. Stress management, though not yet generally acknowledged, is growing in importance in more of the industry’s Occupational Health and Safety Programs, for all employees, no matter their job assignment or position.stress can damage child's brain

Stress will also be found to affect literally every other aspect of life, including social and family relationships, competitive sports, accredited schooling, professional or amateur performances, and even your physical health and wellbeing. And children, believe it or not, are not impervious to the weight of its heavy burdens, especially in today's out-of-control world where mom and dad are openly displaying all the tell-tale signs. Whether at home, at the office, on stage, you name it and you'll find the negative symptoms of stress.

So, stop "living" with anxiety and learn the simple steps to relax through the proven techniques of ReSPITE® relaxation.


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