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About  ReSPITE®

The name ReSPITE® (pronounced res´pit) comes from the common word of the same spelling, which means a brief interval of rest or relief, a pause, is now an registered acronym that stands for:

Relaxation—Sensory Perception Induced Trance Experience.

Sensory perception is the learned ability to perceive, or tune into, our five (5) senses. This process of becoming aware of our senses has a powerful effect upon the mind, which in turn places the recipient into a relaxed (altered) state, or in the most positive sense of the word, a trance. Once reached, the mind has access to remarkable, even extraordinary information and abilities.

The Trance Experience

The average person goes in and out of trance (the condition of being so lost in thought as to be unaware of their surroundings) many, if not hundreds of, times a day, without having the slightest idea of it happening; it truly is one of the most natural of human phenomena. To better understand this sensation, simply try to recall the last time you were driving down the highway listening to your favorite radio station when a song begins to play that takes you back to the first time that it truly meant something to you.

Memories come flooding into your mind; you begin to daydream. You relive in your mind the very moment that the two of you made it “your song.” You re-experience the subtle emotions; your heart rate increases, and you even feel your face blush. When it finally ends, you literally have to bring yourself back to reality, don’t you? It seemed so real for that instant, and you wish you could hang on to it for just a little while longer.

You suddenly realize once again that you’re behind the wheel of your car and begin to pay a little more attention to your driving. You likely won’t remember the last several miles that you just traveled; you wonder how that was possible. And if you were really into it, you probably missed your turn-off completely; you were in a trance. Music is one of the most powerful triggers of emotional memories, but there are others.

Have you ever been reading a book (it doesn’t even have to be your favorite) when you suddenly realize that over the last few moments, perhaps even longer, your glazed eyes have been moving across and down the page, but not a single word has registered into your consciousness? Some word or phrase in the text triggered your imagination, an intense memory that sent your mind off into la-la land—that very same place in your mind described above that you went to while driving in your car while listening to music.

Once you jolt yourself back into reality, you will not likely remember where in the text you left off reading, or even how long you’ve been daydreaming, or connect one bit of the fantasy with the text being read. You only vaguely recognize that your eyes were mechanically moving along with the words and down the rows of the page, but with absolutely no comprehension.

Other triggers that will do similar tricks on the mind are certain sights, smells, tastes, and feelings. To continue the experience you may now be having, consider the sight of a white, billowy cloud in the shape of your favorite animal, or perhaps the aroma of freshly cut, long-stemmed roses, maybe even the tart bite into a juicy lemon. I’m sure you’ll now think of many others.

Does this help you begin to recognize the phenomenon in your own human experience? If you allowed yourself over the last few moments to go off in your mind to where these acute emotions and sensations exist, then you are well on your way to the full experience. If not, don’t be discouraged; we’ve only lightly touched the surface.


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ReSPITE® is a registered trademark, and the ReSPITE logo is a trademark of ReSPITE, LLC.