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(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How can I learn these techniques; have you written any books?
A: Peruse, examine, and practice the trademarked methods and techniques developed to access dormant powers of the mind now known as ReSPITE through our “Step-By-Step Instructions” ebook. It will guide you through 10 easy steps to recognize the most common fears, avoid obvious distractions, and discover your own “special place” to use for deep relaxation, and as a basis for your own personal stress management system. Also, learn how to distinguish between the main categories of Sensory Perception, visual, auditory, and kinesthetic (see PayPal link, below).

We have written other books/ebooks that go beyond the relaxed state of mind and discuss the innate ability within each of us to "travel" through time and space at will, to communicate directly with others and access knowledge and intelligence through mere thought, the power to control matter with our minds, and all this by means of "focused relaxation" using these same ReSPITE® relaxation techniques (click here for more information).

Q: Isn’t this just hypnosis disguised by another name?
A: It is a fair question to ask and deserves more than a simple yes or no answer. In Chapter 6 of our book Through the Eyes of a Traveler called "The Birth of ReSPITE
®," I explain how my interest in hypnosis led me to study and practice the techniques that are readily available in a myriad of books on the subject, and how I came to recognize the further uses of what I eventually called the relaxed state of the mind, and how I came to create my own techniques now known as ReSPITE®. Any hypnotist or hypnotherapist will tell you that the basis of working in the altered state of mind is the use of suggestion to the subconscious, or whatever they may prefer to call that part of the mind, in order to generate the requested results.

Q: What is the difference between the ReSPITE
® or relaxed state, and normal sleep with dreams? In the relaxed state there is a conscious guide to shape and direct the experience, but in dreams there is a lot of absolute fiction that is perhaps related to reality through symbolism.
A: I think you've stated the obvious, and in doing so have almost answered this and the following question (below). This is also a difficult question to answer, personally, as I am one who has had to work at just remembering my dreams. For most of my life I assumed I did not dream, until someone suggested how nonsensical the idea was and told me how to begin to capture them. Even so, my dreams are not controlled by any conscious ability that I’m aware of, except for the occasional moral judgment that I recognize has a steering effect on some of my dreams. I describe in Chapter 2 of Through the Eyes of a Traveler, called "Couldn’t Get Enough," how I feel I have effectively worked with people’s neuroses while they are in the dream state and how I interact with their subconscious mind.

Q: What about guiding oneself through the "trance" experience? Have any of your subjects done this yet? Is it even possible (a kind of self-hypnosis experience where you just sit down, tell yourself where you want to go, and do it)?
A: I find the most common experience while trying to relax alone is, unfortunately, a deep and satisfying sleep. If you consider for a moment one of the old hypnosis techniques of counting backwards from 100 by threes (try this and see how long you can go before you want to give in to sleep—a great insomnia technique, by the way), you quickly realize that the idea is to get the person to concentrate to the point of overload. With this in mind, it’s easy to see how difficult the process would be to stay consciously aware of yourself and purpose, but I didn’t say impossible. It takes a great deal of patience and practice. After 20 years of falling asleep at each attempt, I have finally managed to reach the relaxed state on my own while very much awake.

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