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ReSPITE Testimonials

I was under the care of a Chiropractor, as I was suffering from neck pain and headaches. Nothing seemed to help. One day at work I had a terrible headache and a friend of mine suggested perhaps she could help by using what she called the Respite method. She was able to put me into such a relaxed state that within a few minutes the headache was totally gone. In fact I was so relaxed, I was able to finish out the rest of the day at work without pain. I think the ReSPITE Method is wonderful! . . . Debra Ann Julian, Provo, UT

I was a plaintiff in a court action for a traffic accident in which I was severely injured, and after 3 years it was finally to come to trial. My friend who is a Respite consultant put me in a relaxed state to ease my stress, and I found myself relaxed and calm and able to cope with whatever outcome presented itself. . . Bonnie Kiffer, Los Angeles, CA


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