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ReSPITE® Relaxation Seminars

ReSPITE® - Relieves the Negative Symptoms of Stress
A completely unique approach to relaxation, known as ReSPITE
®, was formulated that makes use of sensory perception to help guide individuals to perceive, or tune into, their 5 senses. As a rule, we are not in the habit of, nor is it possible to be, consciously monitoring the constant barrage of external sensations we are being bombarded with throughout the day, not even for a few minutes; we simply couldn’t take it all in and still lead a productive life. But this process of focusing attention on these outside influences can have a very powerful effect on the mind if done in a controlled setting, the end result being a ‘relaxed’ state of mind, in the most positive sense of the word, a trance. The name ReSPITE® comes from an acronym that stands for: Relaxation - Sensory Perception Induced Trance Experience .

The Seminar
Seminars are best suited for groups of 20 to 30 people preferably working in the same department or work environment, as their daily experiences and habits would tend to be similar. The format of the seminar is as follows: 1) an introduction to the ReSPITE
® concepts of relaxation; what it is, 2) description and examples of the ‘relaxed’ state of mind, and how each of us go in and out of this state constantly without being aware of it, 3) how these techniques of relaxation compare to other familiar disciplines, 4) an introduction to the 3 major representational systems we all use, and how we can test ourselves to determine where we fit, and finally, 5) a demonstration with the group of the ReSPITE® experience.

One-on-one Sessions
There is a rather distinctive difference between working with groups in a seminar and with individuals in a one-on-one session. Statistics show that one out five people are natural somnambulists (those who can achieve the relaxed state of mind with relative ease). For the other 80% it takes some doing to help them get past fears, inhibitions and misconceptions that divert their attention and keep them from ‘letting go’ to achieve relaxation. The one-on-one session creates the most effective conditions and surroundings for successful relaxation. Studies have also shown that each of us can be categorized into one of three main representational systems: visual, auditory and kinesthetic. This, simply stated, is the unique way a person relates to external stimuli, unconsciously. This is not effectively known within a group setting, but once it has been discovered, individually, the techniques to help them relax are easily incorporated into an effective one-on-one session.

The ultimate design of the ReSPITE
® concept is to teach each person the relaxation strategy that is best suited for them and then have them practice the techniques shown on their own. As they practice 10 to 15 minutes each day, they will become proficient in its use. Within a few days, they should have a fairly good feel as to problems or stumbling blocks they may have in their personal relaxation progress. For many, two or three sessions will do, with occasional visits for refreshers. For some who struggle relaxing at all, however, it may take a number to sessions to break through the barriers that stifle their progress and may need more help. But once successful, they fall in line with all the others and need little or no follow up.

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